25th Annual Conference of ASAN 2020, Abuja, Nigeria

Conference Proceedings

Effect of genotype on egg production traits of main and reciprocal crossbred Isa Brown and local chickens

*Isaac, U. C.¹, Ibe, S.N. ² and Okonkwo, J.C. ¹                                                                                     11 – 14

 Estimate of growth traits in the Nigerian heavy local chicken ecotype strains

Udeh, F.U., Osita, C.O., Ilo, S.U., Onodugo, M.O., Elile, C.F., Udeh, V.C. and Chukwudi, P.     19 – 22

 Phenotypic and genetic variations of some Traits among Seventh Generation Index Selected Nigerian Heavy Local Chicken Ecotype (NHLCE)

Iregbu M-F.C and Ohagenyi I.J.                                                                                                          89 – 92

Expression pattern of ryanodine receptor1 and leptin gene in metabolic tissues of pigs fed different unconventional feed sources

Sorhue¹, U.G., Omeje S.I.², Udeh I.², Moemeka A.¹, Idama C.² , Awolowo F.², Onainor R.²      111 – 114

 Prevalence and antibiotic susceptibility of salmonella in egg crates from tea shops (mai shayi) in bauchi metropolis

Ebule K., Kalla D.J.U., Sanusi M., Adamu M.O and Igila T.T                                                            151 – 153

Sexual receptivity and reproductive performance of rabbit does administered exogenous GnRH, ovaprimTM

Ukar, Ifeanyi Amaonye, Odaa, Ejimofor John and Herbert, Udo.                                               210 -213

Study of prevalence ecto-parasitic arthropods of free range domestic fowls in Aguata Iga, Anambra State, Nigeria

Ezeokoli Nathaniel Echeezonachukwu                                                                                            227 – 229

Chemical composition of seed powder and extracts of Hunteria umbellata for use in poultry diets

*Haruna, M. A, and Odunsi, A. A.                                                                                                       241 – 244

Effect of Sodium butyrate and Rosemary leaf meal on gut micro-flora composition and histological traits of broiler finisher chickens

¹*Ogwuegbu, M.C., ¹,²Oyeagu, C.E., ¹Edeh, H.O and ¹Dim, C.E.                                               253 – 256

Performance of growing rabbits fed diets containing raw and sprouted Hibiscus sabdariffa seed meal

¹Shehu, F. N* and ²Abdu, S. B.                                                                                                         264 – 267

Nutrient digestibility by weaner rabbits fed acha (Digitaria exilis) offal based diets supplemented with maxigrain® enzyme

Azi, J, A., S.E. Alu and D.M. Ogah                                                                                                      268 – 271

Growth performance and financial benefits of finisher broiler chickens fed dietary levels of local fish meal as replacement for imported fish meal

1 Muhammad, B. A., ² Kawu, U.Y., ³Babawuro, Y., ⁴Doma, U. D                                                272 – 275 

Effect of garlic (Allium sativum) supplement on blood indices of broiler chickens

Ibrahim, H¹., Aliyu, Z. Oluwawuni, T.B., and Awolola, G                                                                               310 – 313

Growth performance and nutrient digestibility of broiler chicken fed diets containing varying levels of decorticated baobab (Adansonia Digitata) seed meal at the starter phase

Ango, H.S., Malik, A. A. and Adama, J. S.                                                                                                         318 – 321

Efficacy of morinda (Morinda lucida) leaf extract on growth performance and carcass yield of meat type chicken

Adetutu O. I., Olabode A. D., Ojuoloruntaye T. J., Adetutu O. B., Ajah G. N. and Ubochi P. I.       337 – 340

Odor control in broiler houses using dietary bentonite

*Dim, C. E., Ugwuoke, J. I., Hassan, B., Umeneri, C. S. and Chukwudi, P.                                             352 – 354

Haematological parameters of broiler chicken fed diets containing Delonix regia seed meal boiled at different time intervals

Makama, R.S., Ibrahim, I .A., Bage, S.E. and Gandi, B.R.                                                                            371 – 374

Growth performance and haematological indices of weaner rabbits fed diets containing enzyme

Osita, C. O. ¹, Ani, A.O. ¹, Ugwuowo, L. C.², Udeh, F. U. ¹, Ilo, S. U. ¹ Udeh, V. C.¹ and Eneh, C.M.¹     383 – 386

African mesquite (Prosopis africana): a potential non-conventional feed resource for poultry

*Akande, K.E. and Alabi, O.J.                                                                                                                            405 – 407

Growth performance and haematology indices of broiler birds fed diet containing graded levels of Biochar

Ezenyilimba, B. N*., Onunkwo, D. N.** and Okonkwo, J. C *                                                                    422 – 425

Growth performance of broiler chickens administered water containing various medicinal plant leaf methanol extract

Udokwu, I. U., Ekundayo, E. O., Onunkwo, D. N., Omosun, G., Ezeigbo, I. I., Ojimelukwe, P. C and Okolo, I. A. 434 – 436

Effects of feeding four varieties of sorghum supplemented with Maxigrain® enzyme on haematological parameters of broiler finishers

*Daramola, S.T ¹, Sekoni, A.A ¹, Omage, J.J ² and Duru, S ³.                                                                   459 – 462

Effects of processed Moringa oliefera seed based meal on the histological responses of broiler chickens

Akangbe, *E. E. and Abu, O. A.                                                                                                                      467 – 469

Performance and economic analysis of growing pigs fed diets supplemented with different multi-enzymes complexes

Sorunke*A. O., Adesehinwa A. O. K., Boladuro B. A, Ogunyemi D. J.¹, Abiola J. O.², Onarinde O.E. ⁴ and Adesehinwa O. A.³                                                                                                                                          470 – 472

Impact of probiotic feed fermentation on the performance characteristics and histology of post-weaned rabbits

Olaoye, S O*, Adedire, O. M, Fajobi, A K, Farinu, A. O., Ademolue, O. R, Ogundipe, W. F.             483 – 486

Dietary Effect of Panicum maximum supplemented with Gmelina arborea Forages on Nitrogen Utilization and Weight Gain by Rams

*Onabanjo, O. V., Ganiyu, M. E., Omotoso, O. B., Fajemisin, A. N. and Alokan, J. A.                      510 – 513

Growth performance of west african dwarf bucks fed panicum maximum ensiled with palm pressed fibre and cassava peels

Assam, E. D., Ifut, O. J., Inyang, U. A. and Enyenihi, G. E.                                                                    528 – 531

Nutritive value of cassava root, cassava leaf and gliricidia leaf mixture fed as pellets to Sokoto gudali cattle

¹Ogunkunle N. F., ²Olorunnisomo O. A., ²Ajayi M. O., ²Aluko B. O. and ²Akanmu O. O.             536 – 538

Acceptability and digestibility of cassava root ensiled with different levels of urea by Sokoto Gudali

Ogunkunle N.F.,¹ Olorunnisomo O.A.,² Ajayi M.O.,² Aluko B.O.² and Akanmu O.O.²                  539 – 541

Growth performance and haematological parameters of Beef Cattle fed Cattail (Typha domingensis) silage based diets

*Makinde O.J.+>, Alao J.S.+, Rufai M.A. +,*Escribano F.†, Kohn R, Iglesias E. †, Aminu, M +, Maina A+, Mohammad C. +, Charles H+, Okunade S.A.^                                                                                      577 – 580

Effects of different additives on the quality of typha grass (Typha latifolia) silages

 Musa, A.R. , de Evan T.*, Alao J.S., Iglesias E., Escribano F. , Carro M.D.*                                        589 – 592

Effects of Mixed Gmelina (Gmelina arborea) and Moringa (Moringa oleifera) Leaf Meal in Digitaria smutsii Hay Based Diet on the Performance on Pregnant Red Sokoto Does and their Kids

*¹Okafor, E.C., ²Lakpini, C.A.M., ³Abdu, S.B. ²Lamidi, O.S. and ⁴Buba, W.                                     593 – 596

Influence of maturity stage on nutritive value of typha for ruminants

de Evan T.*, *Musa A.R. ⁺, Alao J.S.⁺, Iglesias E. †, Escribano F. †, Carro M.D.*, Makinde O.J ⁺.   597 – 600

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